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You guessed it there are Apes here too.

Apes Den

Whether you come across the Ape’s Den after visiting the Top of the Rock via the Cable Car and use the middle station stop off (N.B. The Cable Car will not stop at the middle station between the months of April to October inclusive) or walk down to it via the Phillip II steps after visiting St Michael’s Cave it is here you will be guaranteed to see an monkey. The Den has a few steps leading off the road into it and as you walk along the monkey are normally sat around the walls looking out for the odd photo opportunity or unsuspecting child with a morsel of food, so be careful! Whilst looking out from one of the look outs you might catch a rare glimpse of the wild goats that roam the Rock. Another interesting feature here is a large hole bored into the rock which was an experimental mortar that soldiers would fill up with about 1000 small stones and fire at the enemy. Unfortunately although it could be fired, the angle it was cut into the rock meant it was in reality ineffective.

After the Ape’s Den you can continue the walk north along the road towards the tunnels or get back onto the Cable Car down into the City.

To find out more about Gibraltar’s famous apes and more importantly how to behave around them click here.

How to get there:
Apes Den is located right in the middle of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.  It is important to note that Foreign registered cars are currently not allowed into the Nature Reserve so forget driving your car up.  Although there is no ‘entrance’ into Apes Den (and by the way don’t go looking for a ‘den’ or cave because it looks nothing like one!).  Since the Cable Car middle station is located at the Apes Den we recommend you get there via the Cable Car. For operational reasons the Cable Car suggests you go straight to the top station, enjoy the views, the company of the resident pack of apes etc and then visit the Apes Den on the way back down. However please be advised that the Cable Car will not stop at the middle station between the months of April to October. There is no extra cost to the Cable Car return ticket for this.

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