The Monkeys

It is impossible to talk about the Cable Car without mentioning those most mischievous of locals, the monkeys!

On reaching the top you will be inspected by our welcoming committee, not to worry, no security checks here just our resident monkeys checking you out to see if you have anything they fancy like food!

Our resident pack of wild monkeys are always ready to give you a special performance of their entertaining acrobatics. We are sure you will be immediately struck by the freedom they enjoy. They are very comfortable around humans and interact with them daily, in fact they know us better than we know ourselves! They’re favourite pastime is to sit, watch and study our habits so they can make the most of any opportunity to steal food from any unsuspecting visitor. They are happy for you to take photographs of them and with them but be warned, they are wild animals and will bite when threatened. DO NOT attempt to touch them.

They are on constant look out for food and will smell it a mile off. They associate plastic bags with food so it is advisable you hide them, and they will unzip any bag let unattended, even for a second. They are the most opportunistic thieves you will ever meet! They also associate prams with food and are likely to search them, so we recommend you carry any infants and fold the pram whenever possible. Enjoy their company but always keep in mind they are not tame pets, especially if there are young ones around.

Please be advised that the Cable Car will not stop at the middle station between the months of April to October, inclusive.

If you are interested in learning more and at the same time explore the Upper Rock we recommend you download the Barbary Macaque & Cable Car tour at:

Macaque & Cable Car Walk:


Monkey Certificates

Print out your very own Monkey’s birth certificate here. Just choose the monkey you bought at the Top of the Rock Shop from the images below or select a blank certificate and choose your own name.



John G









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